world war 2

World War 2

WW2 was a brutal war a lot of blood and gore.  A lot of  people died  alot of wifes lost their husbands.  there  was pilots ,  scouts,  and  snipers. My favorite is the sniper, the scouts had a job of going out in the battlefield   and find targets for the snipers.

There were a lot of great fighter jets like the f16,and  the  warthog. The jets were really fast and awesome and they came equiped with awesome guns.The guns were a machine and heat seeking missile. Unlike bombers which were used too drop bombs on enemy  bases.They were very agile and maneuvered almost any situation but sometimes they didn't make it and died its very sad.

This list of names on the Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans is of those who made the supreme sacrifice while in the service of their country during the conflicts of the 20th century.

World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, alphabetical listing of names on the memorial.

Listings will have name, type of death, which war, date, location and military unit or branch if information is available.

Donald D. Alvis KIA Vietnam February 1968 Army Americal Division

Joseph B. Anderson KIA WWII January 1943 Army Air Corps

John Arrington KIA Vietnam December 1967 Army 173rd Airborne Brigade

David E. Askew Killed auto accident July 1953 Navy

Jesse T. Baker KIA WWII January 1946

Rufus S. Baker Died of influenza October 1918 Army

Raymond Barbour Died of influenza October 1918 Army

Robert D. Barkes Died in accident August 1965 Air Force

John A. Barlow Died in accident 1959 Marine Corps

Clarence Bell KIA WWII October 1944 in Italy 85th Division 5th Army

Edward W. Blair KIA WWII May 1945 Luzon Company C 131st Infantry Army

Howard F. Boxman KIA WWII June 1944 8th Air Force Army Air Corps

Glenn Bowers, Jr. Died December 1958 from injuries inflicted in 1944 by a sniper 83rd Division Army

James E. Brewer KIA Vietnam December 1968 Marine Corps

Rondal C. Brown MIA/KIA November 1944 Belgium Army

William Brown KIA WWII February 1944 Mount Castellone Italy

Elbert E. Bumbalough KIA WWII January 1944 Italy 5th Army

Forrest S. Burns KIA Korea  August 1952 Army

Steven Burton Died of gunshot wounds Formosa March 1968 Army

Albert Campfield Died of wounds received in firefight Vietnam January 1968 Army 1st Cavalry Division

Thomas M. Carmichael KIA WWII August 1944 South Pacific Marine Corps

T. Delmonte Carpenter Fatal heart attack March 1953 

Garnett L. Cavender KIA at sea in Pacific June 1944

Dennis Chomel MIA Vietnam June 1967 Marine Corps

Donald G. Clark KIA WWII August 1944 France 1st Division Army

Harley Clark Died of malaria February 1945

Merle J. Clark KIA WWII Pacific Navy

Hugo Claycamp Died of rheumatic fever 1943 Army

Jesse L. Cochran Died of pneumonia October 1918 Army

Robert D. Cody Killed by "friendly fire" Vietnam January 1969

Earl Colter Died of influenza 1918 Army

John H. Cox KIA WWII March 1945 Philippines 43rd Infantry Division Army

Ben Crouch Died of wounds received in Normandy July 1944 1st Infantry Division Army

John W. Crump MIA/KIA WWII February 1943 Army Air Corps

Peter Daum Died of pneumonia August 1918 At Camp Dodge, Iowa Army

Ralph L. Denny Killed by airplane propeller in Labrador March 1963 Air Force

Jerry W. Downs KIA Vietnam September 1966 Army 196th Light Infantry Brigade (first Bartholomew County native to die in Vietnam)

Franklin R. Dulong KIA Vietnam April 1968 Army

Jack N. Durbin Drowned in unspecified action and buried at sea 1943 Marine Corps (Bartholomew County's first WWII confirmed war death)

Gerald B. Eckelman KIA WWII July 1944 France Army

Herschel B. Eckelman KIA WWII February 1945 Belgium Army

Carl Eckelman Died of influenza November 1918

Steven C. Epperson Killed in accident October 1974 Navy

Aaron W. Essex MIA WWII missing after troop ship sunk Christmas 1944 European waters Army

Robert E. Ferrenburg KIA WWII October 1944 Luxembourg 83rd Infantry Division Army

Donald Fields Died of wounds November 1944 95th Division France Army

Curtis Edward Bill Findley KIA WWII February 1945 Italy Army

William M. Fisher KIA Korea October 1950

John N. Fuel KIA WWII October 1944 France 80th Infantry Division Army

Frank Gaston Died of influenza October 1918 Army

Walter E. Golden Killed in plane crash Pensacola Florida January 1945 Navy

Jeffrey M. Gossett Killed in accident September 1966 Navy

Fredrick L. Graham KIA WWII January 1945 Belgium glider infantry Army

Leonard A. Graham KIA WWII April 1945 Europe Company A 180th Infantry Regiment 45th Division Army

Avery Green KIA Korea November 1950 Air Force

Delmar F. Green KIA WWII July 1944 France 30th Division Army

Wilbur Guthrie KIA WWI Verdun, France

Gordon H. Haggard MIA WWII October 1944 France Army Air Corps flight surgeon

William E. Hale KIA Vietnam December 1967 Marine Corps

Earl O. Hall KIA WWII September 1944 France 8th Division Army

Ernest W. Hall KIA WWII August 1944 France Army

Bruce R. Harris KIA Vietnam January 1968 Marine Corps 4th Marines

Donald Harrison Killed in accident Germany October 1965 Army

Robert W. Hayes KIA Vietnam C-130 crash October 1969 

Carl R. Heagy MIA WWII December 1944 France 30th Division Army

Russell E. Henderson KIA WWII May 1944 Italy Army

Ralph E. Hill Killed in airplane crash Tulsa Oklahoma February 1944

Wayne E. Hill Killed in bomber crash Harlingen, Texas March 1943 Army Air Corps

Ernest "Jack" W. Hogan KIA WWII September 1944 France 3rd Army

George W. Horton KIA WWII September 1944 France

John Hovis Died of influenza January 1918

Jackie L. Hulse Killed in plane crash as crew member 1952 Air Force

James Robert Hunt KIA Vietnam August 1970 Navy

Arthur Hunter Died of influenza 1919 shipboardreturning from Europe

George E. Irwin KIA WWII cruiser Juneau sunk near Savo Island Navy

Arnold Jesse Jenkins Died of influenza in England October 1918

Edgar D. Jones KIA Korea August 1950 Army

Damon Judd Died of pneumonia February 1945 on Saipan Seabees

Lowell J. Kanouse KIA WWII Okinawa 96th Division Army

Arthur W. Keller KIA WWII April 1945 Japan Nagoya B-29 mission Army Air Corps

Frederick P. Keller KIA WWII July 1945 Luzon Army

Grover D. Kinney KIA Korea September 1950 Army

Chester Lane KIA WWII November 1944 near Metz 3rd Army

James Larkin Died of pneumonia WWI Army

You can see how many people died in ww2 its very tragic.More people than just this died in the war.

This is a very famous picture taken by Joe Rosenthal

War Veteran

Some people in the war survived and are war veterans.They were very brave and some lost limbs like legs , arms and fingers.They are very old now at the ages of 80 - 85.They are still alive living there lives normally.Some  have seen a lot of gross stuff  like people being blown up  and their  heads shot  off.It is very sad and gross.